The Business of Innovation Series on CNBC

CNBC is running a 5-part series on "Business of innovation". The first two episodes (full one-hour) are now available online on the CNBC website. This is going to be an interesting series, each episode will explore different aspect of innovation and they will have innovation experts to collaborate on the topics. The series will cover:
  1. Innovators & Iconoclasts
  2. Revolution & Evolution
  3. New Tricks & Old Dogs
  4. People & Technology
  5. Loners & Teammates
There's also an online component to the series which includes related articles, podcasts and forums.

I have just finished the first episode and here are some interesting points that I learned:
  • Google has a CCO (Chief Culture Officer)
  • During the 12 years that Steve Job was gone, Apple's stock rose 120%. And the 10 years he's been back, it rose more than 2260%
  • Rite-Solution came up with an internal mock stock market called "Mutual Fun", in which employees can trade and invest on "ideas"
  • Participation is the key in generating innovative ideas. It may take many bad ideas and failure in order to come up with great ideas
  • There is a bias that innovation comes from big brains, the smartest or the boss.
  • An innovative leader should "walk in stupid everyday" and be prepared to learn from the crowd
Check it out if you have time, the one-hour program is actually broken down into 4 video clips.

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