Looking for off-the-shelf eCommerce solution ...

I was looking around for off-the-shelf eCommerce solution recently for my friend who wants to start an online store. Being an owner of a small business, his needs can be summarized as following:

1) Cheap, cheap and cheap
2) A quick and dirty solution just to get the products online to test the water
3) Website + Shopping Cart + Payment all-in-one solution
4) No time to code himself
5) Product inventory system (nice to have)

So we came across solution like Amazon Store, Payment Checkout and also some sites offer integrated shopping cart solutions. But the cost is still too much for a small business who just wants to test the water (plus their transaction fee is not low either, e.g. Amazon has a 7% transaction fee).

As we see more, we are actually looking for something along the line of aShop Commerce, it is a provider of shopping cart software and complete solution for merchants to sell online. So you can do store setup, customize layout, product inventory, payment method, shipping, checkout all in once place. They also got pretty good demo on their sites as well. Only concern of course, is still the cost, so I guess we'll still shop around. If anyone of you got some past experience or recommendation, please let me know. Thanks !


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Really great ideas. I like every example. Just might have to try these...
more templates easy to download

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jerry said...

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Big Raja said...

Nice one.
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