The new IBM Jam Consulting Service

IBM today unveiled plans to offer new "Jamming" solutions to companies and organizations. Similar to our InnovationJam, IBM is going to collaborate with the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) to hold the first-ever Automotive Supplier Jam. The Jam will be a cooperative effort between OESA, IBM and companies within the North American automative industry. This new Jam Consulting Service from IBM Global Business Services will be avaliable globally.

Thinking about potential clients, remember early this month Richard Branson offered $25 million prize for the scientist who can come up with a solution to fight global warming. Hmm .. perhaps they should have a jam ...

Can you make shadow puppets ?

A very interesting Ad by Volksvagen. This would be a cool video to show at a kickoff of a brainstorming session. Or perhaps get people to do it in group as an ice breaking game =)

The simplest GPS Device ...

Designed for simplicity, the Dandella GPS devices breaks down navigation to its most fundamental level: physical direction. Instead of voice prompting, the dandelion-shaped unit actually bends toward your chosen destination ... Read more here ...

How would you advertise your washing machine ?

How about this ?

It is interesting to look back in time

Steve Job is one of my favorite speakers. You could always feel his passion and excitement about his products when he is on the stage. And here are two magic moments in which Steve Job introduced the "revolutionary products": The first ever Macintosh (1984) and iPod (2001).

A spacious mini cooper

A creative ad by Mini Cooper placed at the Zurich, Switerland train station.

Anyone know any good online mind mapping tool ?

I have found mind mapping a very useful technique in organizing thoughts, outlining ideas and brainstorming. People tend to take notes in a linear way (list, bullet point), but our thinking is often non-linear. That's why sometime I have a hard time reading my notes and following my original thoughts after a few weeks. (I'm more a picture person). I have also seen people using mind mapping for presentation instead of using powerpoint and it worked out very well too.

I am recently looking for an online mind mapping tool that would allow me to create and share mind mapping with others. I have tried but the features and graphics are not as rich as the desktop ones like MindMapper. Does any one know of any good online mind mapping tool ?

Google Patent Search (BETA)

I Just found out that Google released a beta search tool back in December called Google Patent Search. You can now search the full text and image over 7 millions U.S. patents (from early 18th century patents to recent ones). It's quick and simple.

And here is an interesting one I learned from my Law and Business Administration class back in University: The method of swinging a swing =)

Simplicity is the key

I was reading about Andy Kaufman on Wikipedia and here's Andy Kaufman sings along to the famous Mighty Mouse. Great example to show the essence of "Less is More". Enjoy !!